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Image Submission

With an advanced tool for uploading images via the web, we ensure that automated edit checks and upload issues are handled at the site before submission. During transmission, customizable DICOM header de-identification is applied, and the system allows uploads to run in the background and be resumed from a failed or paused session. WorldPRO® also allows for images to be uploaded via CD, DVD or film.

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Image Review

Evaluation of the images is done using a secure picture archiving and communication system (PACS)/Viewer. The PACS and viewer are fully DICOM-compliant and integrated with WorldPRO®, meaning that images are automatically loaded into the viewer from the electronic case report form (eCRF) providing added security and audit trails.

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Intuitive, flexible, and easy-to-use, our WorldPRO® platform provides peace of mind to sponsors by ensuring they have complete control over trial data every step of the way. As the primary platform for coordinating and centralizing all trial activity between you, your investigator sites and WCC, the WorldPRO® system helps facilitate your trial management needs.

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