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Most Common EAC

Although we offer EACs for all subjective clinical endpoints, the most common are:

  1. Determination of response and/or disease progression status in cancer trials
  2. Safety Reviews also called clinical events committee (CEC) which focuses most often on:
    1. Major adverse cardiac events (MACE)
    2. Malignancy detection in non-oncology trials

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Overall Patient Status in Oncology Trials

Assessment of disease progression is often the primary endpoint of registration trials for oncolytics. These trials require collation of multiple data sets, including radiology, pathology, and clinical files. For melanoma studies, dermatology images may also be evaluated. The EAC of these trials often require multiple BICRs, one for radiology and another for pathology and then the definitive final analysis by the oncologist to determine disease status. The figure below depicts the EAC for a melanoma trial.


WCC has developed a uniquely sophisticated digital portal that maximizes the precision and accuracy of the oncologist by allowing him/her the ability to see all prior BICR data on the patient and change assessment results. The result of these changes is provided to the reviewer in real time so that it may be incorporated into the patient's overall status assessment.

Excellent Agreement between Oncologists on Assessment of Treatment Response


Dermatology EAC

This service consists of centralized quantitative analysis of skin photographic imaging data for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetics industries. Our in-house staff of trained technologists perform pre-measurements, eliminating the need for a dermatologist at each clinical site to assess lesion characterization and measurements, which can result in a significant cost savings. This can be particularly compelling for large international melanoma studies, where patients are being managed clinically by the referring oncologist, making it more effective and efficient for both the sponsor and site.