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WCC Introduces WorldPro Technology Platform for Maximizing the Efficiency of Clinical Trial Imaging

September 17, 2007

WorldCare Clinical, LLC (WCC), a leading imaging clinical research organization (CRO), today introduced a sophisticated new software platform for improving workflow efficiency in clinical trial imaging. WCC’s proprietary technology, WorldPRO, streamlines the imaging process for clinical trials by ensuring data accuracy and automating the secure delivery of images to the most qualified readers anywhere in the world.

Designed specifically for use in imaging clinical trials, WorldPRO enables the automated transmission and management of clinical trial images through a secure network, resulting in maximum image quality and increased workflow efficiency. All clinical trial information is made available to WCC’s sponsors through a secure Web browser and does not require special software to be installed. WorldPRO also can be configured to the specifications of each clinical trial, helping to simplify and shorten the trial set-up process.

“More than ever, sponsors are looking to imaging CROs to help them bring new drugs to market in a faster and more cost-effective manner, yet image collection and shipment costs have continued to pose a challenge,” said Rafael Mancera, CEO of WorldCare Clinical, LLC. “WorldPRO’s electronic transmission capabilities have effectively eliminated the time and cost issues associated with shipping while ensuring that images get in the hands of the physician who is best able to read and interpret the scan, regardless of location. This technology, combined with our world-class therapeutic expertise and extensive global teleradiology network, provide a complete package that supports all of our sponsors’ clinical trial imaging needs.”

In addition to delivering significant operational efficiencies to sponsors, WorldPRO improves productivity while providing significant cost savings by automating the electronic transmission of images. WorldPRO’s advanced DICOM header scanning capabilities allow the data verification process to begin at the point of image transmission, enabling the quality control processes to be performed before the images are uploaded. This ensures that images meet each clinical trial’s specific protocol requirements. Additionally, WorldPRO provides a complete audit trail and is 21 CFR Part (11) compliant. Sponsors receive consistently uniform data that meets the regulatory requirements of the FDA and other international regulatory agencies.

For more information regarding WorldPRO, contact Vanessa Conde at vconde@wcclinical.com or (617) 250-5110, or visit wcclinical.com.